2021 Yamaha TT-R110E


  • Displacement: 110 cc
  • Weight: Wet – 159 lb
  • Height: 36.3 in
  • Length: 61.6 in
  • Width: 26.8 in.


  • ROBUST, COMPACT FRAME: Steel backbone frame ties steering head and swingarm pivot together via a straight line, with the engine mounted at three places for optimum strength and high ground clearance.
  • WELL-DAMPED FRONT FORK: The 31mm fork with high-tech internals including a damper valve with oil lock provide excellent damping and great bottoming resistance with 4.5 inches of smooth travel.
  • ADVANCED REAR SUSPENSION: Monocross® rear suspension pivoting on a strong, 12mm shaft, along with a gusseted steel swingarm, provide excellent rear wheel control through 4.3 inches of travel.
  • STYLISH ALUMINUM TOP CLAMP: Die-cast aluminum top triple clamp provides light, precise handling and looks great, too.
  • TRAIL-READY DIMENSIONS: The 26.4-inch seat height and 7.1 inches of ground clearance inspire confident performance on rugged trails.
  • ENCLOSED DRUM BRAKES: Front and rear drum brakes deliver strong, dependable stopping power.
  • NIMBLE WHEELS AND TIRES: The 14-inch front and 12-inch rear wheels inspire great rider confidence by keeping the seat low and the steering light.
  • DURABLE KNOBBY TIRESL: Knobby tires offer superb grip and exceptional wear.


  • TORQUE-RICH MOTOR: Powerful 110cc air-cooled SOHC four-stroke powerplant is tuned for maximum off-road performance in a wide range of trail conditions.
  • COMPACT CYLINDER DESIGN: Compact hemispherical combustion chamber with 9.3:1 compression produces max torque at 4000 rpm and max horsepower at 7500 rpm.
  • AUTO-CLUTCH CONVENIENCE: Four-speed gearbox with automatic clutch has the right gear for wherever you ride.
  • ELECTRIC STARTER: Convenient electric starter for effortless starting and backup kick starting.
  • DIGITAL IGNITION: CDI ignition system is ultra-reliable and never needs maintenance.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE ENGINE: Automatic cam chain tensioner means minimal maintenance and longer engine life.
  • EASY SERVICEABILITY: Easy-access, tool-free air filter adds extra convenience during maintenance.
  • FOREST-FRIENDLY EXHAUST: Lightweight exhaust system features quiet, USFS-approved spark arrestor.


  • LOW SEAT HEIGHT: The long, YZ-style gripper seat is low and comfortable and allows for easy rider movement.
  • RACING STYLE: Team Yamaha-inspired colors and graphics and front and side number plates create styling similar to larger YZ lineup.
  • GRIPPY FOOT PEGS: Large folding, cleated foot pegs provide excellent footing, even in wet or muddy conditions.
  • STANDARD SECURITY: Key-type ignition switch deters unauthorized riding.


  • ELECTRIC STARTER: The convenient electric starter effortlessly starts the bike.
  • ACCESSIBLE PERFORMANCE: Big fun for the whole family, the YZ-styled, four-stroke-powered TT-R110E begs to be ridden by everyone.
  • LOW SEAT HEIGHT: A seat height of only 26.4 inches makes the TT-R110E accessible to most riders, but the 7.1 inches of ground clearance and great suspension at both ends means it can almost anywhere too.
  • AUTO-CLUTCH CONVENIENCE: Four-speed auto-clutch transmission has an easily accessible gear for nearly any terrain.

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