• Warranty: Battery – 8-years

Rediscover the moments that take your breath away with the all-new E-Z-GO® Express™ S6. The Express S6 has room for 6-passengers to embark on your effortless adventures. With a choice of an efficient 13.5-HP closed-loop EFI gas powertrain, or 4.2 twin, or 6.2 triple maintenance-free ELiTE lithiumbattery packs, the Express S6 golf cart will take you on a getaway you’ll never forget. With more legroom, convenient dashboard storage pockets, and new bold styling, the Express S6 is sure to set you apart.



  • 8-YEAR BATTERY WARRANTY: Our technology has been proven to be so reliable that we can offer an unprecedented battery warranty. 8 years of coverage. Covers more amp hours than competitors.
  • ZERO MAINTENANCE: E‑Z‑GO’s ELiTE Lithium vehicles utilize trusted and reliable Samsung SDI lithium batteries and an advanced Battery Management System that makes these vehicles completely worry-free. Get unbeatable performance from your ELiTE lithium vehicles for its entire life. Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries, no terminal post cleaning, no watering, no problems. Leave it for winter with easy storage steps.
  • MORE EFFICIENCY: ELiTE Lithium vehicles are more efficient than any other golf carts. Get behind the wheel and you’ll have the power to propel your next adventure even farther. Consistent power no matter your battery’s level of charge. Long-lasting power that lets you drive with confidence.
  • EXTRA STORAGE: ALL-NEW! The Freedom RXV ELiTE, Express S4 ELiTE, Express S6 ELiTE, and ELiTE L6 ELiTE now have the industry’s first under-seat storage compartment that you can take advantage of by purchasing the new Insider Bag. The extra space means more room for your belongings and even more memories for you. Our new Insider Bag is designed specifically to fit in the under-seat storage compartment to let you bring more with you on every adventure. Perfect to store sports equipment, drinks and snacks, camping gear and more!
  • You’ve got a big, amazing world to explore, and thanks to the groundbreaking technology we’ve put into the ELiTE Lithium Series, you can savor every moment. E‑Z‑GO’s advanced Battery Management System monitors the efficiency, temperatures, state of charge, and the health of the batteries, optimizing performance. When you drive an ELiTE Lithium Series vehicle, you will say goodbye to ordinary.
  • 2X FASTER CHARGING: Head out in the half the time it takes to charge a traditional lead-acid battery when equipped with the World Charger. With ELiTE Lithium vehicles, you always have time for more.
  • CHARGE ANYTIME: Unlike lead-acid batteries, plug in your ELiTE Lithium vehicle and charge anywhere, for any amount of time, without affecting your battery’s health.
  • UP TO 59% MORE EFFICIENT: You’ll not only go farther; you’ll arrive with more charge. ELiTE Lithium vehicles are #1 in efficiency; no other golf carts even come close.


  • FUNCTIONAL DASHBOARD WITH STORAGE: Premium golf cart dashboard with versatile cup holders, more storage and extra style.
  • NEW STANDARD LED HEADLIGHTS: Golf cart headlights and taillights for greater visibility and safety.
  • REAR SEAT WITH ENCLOSED STORAGE: Rear-facing golf cart seat for a 6 passenger ride with convenient enclosed storage for all of your adventures.

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